10 Tips on Maintaining a Wooden Floor Tile

10 Tips on Maintaining a Wooden Floor Tile
Home developers and designers use different types of flooring materials to build a home. The most common flooring materials are made out of wood, ceramics, laminated wood, terrazzo and stone.
Before settling on a flooring material, homeowners consider several factors such as cost and maintenance.Wood is one of the most preferred flooring materials by many homeowners. It is relatively cheaper when compared to other materials such as ceramic tiles. It is also easy to clean hence cutting down on the maintenance costs.

Nevertheless, wooden tiles require particular attention to maintain their meticulous glamour.
The top tips to keep a wooden pipe include;

1. Application of Humidifiers

During summer when the temperatures are soaring high, wood tiles tend to shrink. Application of humidifiers at this time prevents the tiles from shrinking, hence maintaining their average size.

When it comes to winter with temperatures dropping to nil, wood tiles expand. Usage of humidifiers aids in the minimization of the gaps.

2. Trimming pet nails

Wooden floors are prone to tear with minor scratches. Most of these tears come from our pets which spend most of the time playing on the tiles. To ensure your pets have their fun and maintain the wooden tiles tidy, it is recommended to trim the pets’ nails.

Most of these pets include nailed animals such as cats and dogs. Keeping their paws clean also ensures that the wooden floor is always kept clean and tidy. You can also establish a restricted area where the pets can play freely.

3. Shun liquid Cleaners

Avoid as much as possible to clean your wooden tiles using wet cleaners. Tools such as wet moppers, vinyl, and steam mops should only be used on other flooring materials apart from wood.

Also, substances such as oil soaps, lemon cleaning products, and paste wax turn the appearance of wooden tiles. These products would also damage the floor when used in excessive.

Instead, dust the wooden tiles using microfiber moppers or clean cloths each day. Microfiber moppers utilize static electricity to contain dust and dirt.

4. Vacuuming the floor

Vacuuming the wooden tiles entails cleaning the floor using a mop that is tightly squeezed. Doing this at least once a week captures dirt and dust from unnoticeable areas such as space in between the tiles.

However, it is important to note that wooden floors are prone to tear. Ensure the grinding wheels and bars of the vacuum cleaner don’t get into contact with the tiles, this will go a long way in maintaining the wooden tiles.

During mopping, make sure that the mop doesn’t contain extra water.

5. Polish the floor regularly

Regular polishing of wooden tiles renews their look always. Do this at least once in a couple of months to give your floor a neat look. Polishing essentially fills unseen scratches and makes the floor’s protective surface even.

6. Move objects carefully

If you are washing your room or reorganizing it, ensure you carry the objects up instead of sliding them against the floor. Moving the objects protects your wooden floor tiles from unwanted scratches.

7. Remove sticky substances with Ice

Chewing gums and candle waxes often find their way to our floors. Instead of scratching the substances out, use ice to make them hard and then scrape them away with ease.

8. Apply sand finish

Use sand finishes on your wooden tile floor at least once in every three years. Floor Sanding quote click here. Use of sand finish restructures your floor and replaces the worn out the finish with a new one.

9. Always clean the spills

We often leave drink spills on floors for far too long. Clean the spills with a damp cloth to avoid stains that would damage the floor.

10. Use rugs at doorways

Ensure to put rugs in the entry points of your house to prevent dirt from reaching the tiles. Doing this ensures that dirt accumulated on the shoes is left behind.

The debris that usually scratches the floor makes the wooden tiles look untidy, and this can be manned expertly by rug installation.

It is straightforward to keep a wooden floor sparking always. The above-detailed tips will ensure your floor is well maintained.